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When I signed up to have a tarot reading by Ginger I had no idea how absolutely psychic and multi-dimensional she and her reading would be. She saw my guides instantly and knew so much about me from first glance at my cards. She is amazing. Her energy is so magical and light. Ginger does not just readings but completely therapeutic and helps you to get to the next level with whatever issue you are working through in any area of your life.

I would highly recommend having Tarot By Ginger at ANY event if you want to add an element of magic and knowledge in a fun and supportive modality.

- Anita R. 

Ginger has read my cards many, many times and each time - she taps in and is able to read my cards and apply it directly to my life. For Ginger, its not just about translating the pictures, it’s about the additional psychic ability I believe she has, she just knows things. And, her readings are always clear, and always right.

- Julie R. 

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Ginger is far and away the best Tarot master I have ever worked with. She has a deep knowledge of every card in the deck, profoundly assessing the symbols for wise life guidance. Ginger's approach with her clients is holistic, pulling from many traditions to provide a bright new perspective. Prepare to be wowed by a reading with Ginger! 

- Bonnie B.

Tarot with Ginger has been my weekly “go to” for years now. Her readings have helped me find clarity around the dominant circumstance I am experiencing. Ginger’s soft, comforting voice holds me in a safe space to receive her interpretations with ease and grace.

- Leann L.

Every time I get a tarot reading from Ginger I’m amazed at how accurate she is and how spiritually deep it goes to connect with the exact message I need to hear... I’m not sure she realizes how insightful her readings are because she’s so sensitive and empathetic toward the person she reads for - it’s never about her... she is 100% devoted to channeling whatever divine message needs to come through - and she takes responsibility to care about your spiritual well-being. It’s rare to find a tarot reader with Ginger’s innate level of skill and intuition. If you are fortunate enough to have a session with her- consider yourself one of the lucky ones... Ginger is the real deal!

- Tracy G.

I sincerely wanted to thank you for the inspirational and confirmational reading the other day.  Your cards were spot on and gave me the confidence that my future plans are in alignment with what the Universe has in store for me.  I'm eager to see how everything unfolds.  You have a gift and should share it with the WORLD!

- Lisa G.

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